School time is great time to learn, meet and make friends but the time AFTER SCHOOL is to have fun, relax and to understand all that is happening around you in your little world and the big world. So I bring you a monthly magazine of your own with lots of entertainment and knowledge. While your elders read their newspaper and magazine, join them with your own magazine- AFTER SCHOOL

It should be great fun reading about different things then what is in your text books. Enjoy and develop reading habit, as books can be your best companions as you go along. We want our children to grow up empowered with knowledge, sensibilities and sensitivities to make you a caring person and good citizen...lots of love.





Editor's Column

In our International Space Station series we had explained how the shuttle takes Astronauts’, food, oxygen, etc. and brings back the old crew, waste materials, etc. from the station( ISS).

USA’s ‘NASA’ was the first space agency to develop the Re-usable SHUTTLE technology...... read more

Editor's Column


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